meHi everyone, my name is Chunyi Ye, you can call me Ginnie, and I am a junior in a business major with a concentration in accounting.

I am originally come from China, and this is my fourth year in the United States. Even though I am used to the life in the U.S. now, I have to say that I miss my hometown so much. My hometown Taishan, is a beautiful seaside town that filled with all my childhood memories. I love the food there, especially the seafood. Because we live very close to the sea, we can buy very fresh seafood, like mantis shrimp and hairy crab, they are my favorite; I love hanging out with my friends and picking mangos in the park; I love going for a walk with my parents after dinner, enjoying the lake and mountain around us, and there are so much more. What do I love about my hometown? I love all the food, people and things happened in my hometown because my home is there.